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Intersections: True Tales of San Francisco

By Andrew Nelson


Sex, madness, blood lust and nobility. Here, propitious collisions between San Francisco, the Bay Area and the 20th Century:

Porn Fed: The Mitchell Brothers and the Mayor

Allen Ginsberg's Gough Street Howl

Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

JFK At Stanford

Philo T. Farnsworth, Doug and Mary

Leni Riefenstahl in San Francisco

Alfred Hitchcock's Flappers

Frida Kahlo's Revenge

Aftermath of a Fawn: Nijinsky on Market Street

Nikita Khrushchev: Big Red vs. Big Blue

The Devil in Miss Mansfield: Anton LaVey & Jayne M.

A Turn for the Hearst: Orson Welles Raises Kane

Susie and Doug Tompkins' Esprit de Corps

Sic Transistor Gloria: Bill Shockley in Palo Alto

Coming Soon:

Marion Davies meets George Bernard Shaw

The Jefferson Airplane meets Charlie Brown and Lucy

Copyright 2001 - 2002 Andrew T. Nelson. All rights reserved.


Typecast in Hollywood, the Chinese-American actress Anna Mae Wong (1907-1961) preferred San Francisco to LA and felt welcome in the Bay Area Chinese communities. Find out more in an upcoming segment of Intersections.